Health and Safety

David Gordon Photography has been established for over 35 years offering professional photography services to the news and media as well as commercial and industrial business clients in both the private and public sectors. 

David Gordon takes all reasonable steps to ensure a healthy and safe environment for himself and his subjects or members of the public while at work in the office, studio or on location. These include;

  • Working in a correctly lit and ergonomically comfortable office
  • Maintaining all equipment in good working order
  • Taking adequate breaks to alleviate fatigue
  • Making an initial safety 'reccie' and constantly being aware of surroundings on location
  • Using adequate safety clothing such as high visibility vest, hard hat, safety boots and gloves
  • Careful and considered positioning of any lighting stands or other equipment
  • Use of radio controlled triggering over cable based systems for flash

David Gordon is responsible for Health and Safety. This Policy is reviewed and updated as required at least once a year, the next date for review is June 2024.

David Gordon
June 2023

A PDF version of this policy is available to download.